Friday, January 6, 2012

Is decorating your home a waste of time?

Some of my family and friends didn't get to see my home decorated for Christmas, so before I take it all down, I took some photos and made a short video.

I put up about 1/3 of my decorations
this year and
really enjoyed it.

This Santa display is new, it was John's favorite decoration.

This year, I came to understand something about decorating and my feeling guilty that I was wasting time. (My confession: I tend to think that "wasting time" means doing something I really enjoy as opposed to "work" I don't like to do, which isn't wasting time. I'm working on this, I know it's not healthy.)

I was starting to feel like I was "wasting time" decorating, because it does take a lot of time, but when my husband John said, "Decorating is one of your talents, I'm glad to see you using one of your talents."
I felt justified in putting one of my talents to use and sharing it. I never looked at it like that before.

Sometimes I feel guilty using my creative talents, because I have a lot of fun when I do and it doesn't feel like "work". If I was practising the piano (I don't play the piano, but have a lot of admiration for those who do) for a Christmas program, that would never be considered a waste of time.

Decorating is like my Christmas concert, it is how I share one of my talents.

It's good to enjoy your home, decorating it for the different holidays. It's a talent to develop, share and enjoy!


  1. I used to go all out myself. It is so much work though and I have to do IT all by myself. Put up and take down! You have nice decorations! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for your comment jjanowicz. It is a lot of work, especially if you have to do it all by yourself! Some years I go all out, other years I have to budget my time more. I love Christmas decorations, honestly, I love all decorations!