Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding at our Ranch Home.

K.C. Curtis and Melissa Casey got married in our garden outside our home on May 26, 2012. Days before the wedding Melissa and her family and friends came to our home and clean the pool room and yard in preparation for the wedding. I enjoyed having the help to beautify my home and they were thankful to have the wedding here.
We've had other weddings at our home. David and Michelle Holbrook got married in the front yard here, Ron and Beverly Vick were married in our living-room, John and Jessica were married in our backyard. We've also had Tamara and Brendan Smith's and Joseph and Crystal Nielsen's reception in the pool room here too. It's wonderful to have weddings and receptions at our home, the joy and love that abound during a wedding is a welcome experience. I also think it's a compliment to be asked to have a wedding at our home because the couple has a special feeling about home to make it the sacred ground for their union to begin.
One of the more entertaining candid photos I took was of the groom taking off the garter, since I wasn't taking the professional, some of mine of just bloopers.

Mother's Day 2012, Mama Llama

It's nice to relax on the hillside and watch the llama mama and her baby. For Mother's Day, we had a mama llama and her baby surprise us. When we discovered the baby was a girl and saw the cute white patch of fur on her head that looked like a bonnet, Johnny, John, Rio, Hayden and I named her Bonnie. Visitors came to visit the new baby, Stephen and Rachel brought Ruby and Adam to visit Bonnie after she was a few days old. Mother's Day is a special day to honor mothers and in my opinion all those who mother others, including those who have not born children from their own bodies, but "mother" and love others.