Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding at our Ranch Home.

K.C. Curtis and Melissa Casey got married in our garden outside our home on May 26, 2012. Days before the wedding Melissa and her family and friends came to our home and clean the pool room and yard in preparation for the wedding. I enjoyed having the help to beautify my home and they were thankful to have the wedding here.
We've had other weddings at our home. David and Michelle Holbrook got married in the front yard here, Ron and Beverly Vick were married in our living-room, John and Jessica were married in our backyard. We've also had Tamara and Brendan Smith's and Joseph and Crystal Nielsen's reception in the pool room here too. It's wonderful to have weddings and receptions at our home, the joy and love that abound during a wedding is a welcome experience. I also think it's a compliment to be asked to have a wedding at our home because the couple has a special feeling about home to make it the sacred ground for their union to begin.
One of the more entertaining candid photos I took was of the groom taking off the garter, since I wasn't taking the professional, some of mine of just bloopers.


  1. It’s easy to see why your home has become a favorite for couples to be wed at! Ranch homes provide such a charming setting for a meaningful wedding, and yours is no exception. There’s something about the cozy comfort and the feeling of the warm welcome that a ranch house just exudes. That’s what definitely makes it a perfect place to have a wedding. It might even become symbolic of the kind of marriage and life the couple would like to have together. PS – That last photo is just hilarious!

    Rodger Ciliberto

  2. Such a beautifully written comment Rodger. Thank you! My appreciation for the charming setting and ranch home grew word by word. Your thoughts of "...become symbolic of the kind of marriage and life the couple would like to have together," was poetic.

  3. Woah, this place has become a wedding haven for couples. =) How do you find those several wedding ceremonies in your home, and what is the most unusual experience of them all? And hey, you had great timing on that last photo there! You must be a professional photographer, aren’t you?

    Brendan Amorose

  4. Our place is somewhat of a haven. It looks like you have some nice places in Jackson Hole, it's been a long time since I've been there.
    Weddings have ranged from very beautiful adorned with grapevine, satin and velvet to a couple standing in front of our fireplace with a justice of the peace and my husband and I as the witness'.
    That last photo was funny, I'm sure the professional photographer got a more classic shot of that tradition.

  5. Sometimes, it’s really the candid photos that hold all the memories and emotions, don’t you think? And your ranch home looked perfect on your wedding day! It’s a little late but, congratulations on your wedding!

    Darren Lanphere