Friday, June 8, 2012

FINALLY! Found My Blog and Wallet!

Finally I found my blog and have figured out how to post a new post! Not only had I lost my blog, I had lost my wallet. During this dismal time of looking for my blog and wallet, I became more organized. Prayers are answered in mysterious ways. How many times have I prayed for getting organized, let me count the ways!
In the last two weeks:
1. I've cleaned off my desk.
2. Cleaned out my car.
3. Done all my laundry and even turned the laundry basket upside down and given it a good shake.
4. Cleaned out my purse.
5. Recruited the help of my husband John and son Johnny in the search for my wallet.
My drivers liscense along with credit cards, temple recommend and other important documents were in my wallet.
Suddenly, without my drivers license, my driving skills improved tremendously. I stayed well within in the speed limit, was super curtious to everyone especially in the construction zone of I-5 going through Eugene Oregon. I stayed at the posted 50 MPH, dispite the pressure from those behind me (it was also a no passing or changing lanes section).
Those pushy, tailgating drivers owe me a big THANK YOU! I was leader of a pack of cars unknowingly heading into a speed trap. We entered the trap nice and slowly, and when those pushy drivers behind me saw the highway patrolman parked on the side of the freeway with his radar pointed right at "us" they suddenly allowed the legal space between their cars and mine.
I deserve a huge thank you, and maybe a bonus for saving them all speeding tickets, which are twice as expensive in a construction zone.
Pushy Drivers: You can send your thank you's to this blog.
After I looked everywhere I could imagine for my wallet and it's valuable contents, I mentally began reviewing who had been at my house and had access to my purse. We had a wedding at our house and I began wondering if my wallet was stolen. I had thoughts that I am not proud of, like, "We must have had a thief at our house," and reviewed each guest and came up with a few possible thieves. (Not mentioning names.)
This lead to calling my credit card company to find out the last transaction. Fortunatley, it was mine the week before at Market of Choice in Eugene. If my wallet was turned in at Market of Choice, surely they would contact me, with all my identification, they could find me. John sugggested I call them or go by but I thought it was unnecessary because they would have called me. I can't just drive to every place I've been in the last 15 days.
I had an acupuncture appointment in Eugene the next day. My meditation during my accupuncture appointment was invisioning my wallet coming home to me. I saw it as a black fish, swimming to me. I invited it home and welcomed it's arrival.
After my acupuncture appointment I thought, "Maybe I should go to Market of Choice and inquire about my wallet." I drove straight to Market of Choice. A friendly worker lead me to the office where I inquired about my lost wallet. With-in 5 minutes, my wallet was in my hands and I was rejoicing. Everything was there of great importance, there was no cash. Who cares? I welcomed my wallet home!
Like my mother used to say, "Be careful for what you pray for."
Should I ever pray for help in getting organized again?

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