Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Visiting, Eating and Sharing, Good News For Some

John, Johnny and I enjoyed being treated to lunch at Los Dos Amigos in Sweet Home by my step-sister Sue Skilling. Sue is one of those thoughtful courteous guests who always brings something we will enjoy, this visit she brought cashew nuts and a cute mug, both very thoughtful.
While in Sweet Home we went by 1230 47th Street and delivered paint for the painter to use. Our new tenant doesn't like the smoke smell in our non-smoking rental. The previous tenant did not honor the contract and smoked inside.
Johnny heard good the news he's been waiting and hoping for, a job offer in Mississippi for a company that will use his Navy training. He is very happy about the job offer, I am saddened by the thought of him moving to Mississippi. I've always promised myself that I will not be a mother that holds her children back, so I have to be supportive of his decision.
I've seen mothers who selfishly hold on to their children and prevent them from living their own life, I don't want to do that. I can understand why a mother would do that, it's hard to see a child leave and go on their own journey, especially when it is so far away that they will no longer be a regular part of the family gatherings and the younger generation will not be able to get to know them. Uncle Johnny, who Ruby loves, may fade from her memory as he moves 1,000's of miles away. Life is individually lived and collectively shared by many.

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