Saturday, October 20, 2012

The world of waterfalls.

I left the stress of every day life by visiting water falls with my friend Teresa Graves. Walking further then we expected, up and down more hills then we bargained for, we were rewarded by these majestic creations of nature. Getting drenched with the spray of the falling waters, having all sounds muted except for the roar of the water and the amazing wind it created transported my friend and I to a different place. We were suddenly stress free, worry free, and feeling the freedom that mother nature offers.
We didn't talk to each other by the waterfalls, the waterfalls did all the communicating. We listened, looked, felt what it had to say. It reverenced our words, no words can really describe the power and wonder of a waterfall.
The white spot to the left of the waterfall about 1/2 way though the falling water is my friend walking along the trail, she's wearing a white coat. This gives a perspective of the size of this waterfall.
A whole different climate was created by the waterfall. With just a few steps towards it, we entered another dimension. We walked behind it and out the other-side. A few steps away from it, the climate we started in, returned. I can only think of a few things that can transform everything you feel in just a few steps or a few moments. If you want a change, visit a waterfall.
Viewing the world of fall colors ranging from yellow, green, orange, red and blue sky with pure white puffy clouds through the waterfall enhanced our awareness of the changing season and all it's beauty.

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  1. Enjoyed another waterfall this week thanks to my son Stephen for leading the hike to Pheasant Falls and Niagra Falls in Oregon.