Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Horse Shopping With My Friend Kay

The picture here is of my friend Kay Pynch with a horse I'm interested in. I brought Kay out for my second visit to Sunny, to get her opinion. It's always better to go shopping with friends and family (if they are good shoppers). This is true with all sorts of shopping from clothes, shoes and especially horses. There are friends that have expert opinions on all of the various types of shopping. The doctor I go to and love was recommended by a friend. My hairdresser who I think is wonderful was found by another friend. My clothes that bring the most compliments were chosen by friends. The list goes on.
Kay Pynch is my horse shopping friend. With her experience and wonderful way with people and horses, she's the perfect friend to take horse shopping. She's able to ask the hard questions to the horse owners, which I really appreciate. She keeps them talking and gathering useful information, while I glean information.
I buy and sell real estate for a living, so I do have some experience with the business side of making a deal. There is so much wisdom in a second opinion, especially with a large purchase.
Because it's easy to fall in love with a beautiful horse, especially when the imagination get racing with all the possibilities, so it's especially important to have a voice of reason near-bye. I don't want to make a final decision until I get an opinion from a knowledgeable friend. A friend who knows me well enough to know what is good for me. A friend who is more knowledgeable about horse "bloodlines", the good ones and the not so good ones.
Many people know I'm "Looking" for a horse right now. I'm told, "Take your time, look at a lot of horses." I'm not sure how many a lot of horses are, but I can say I've looked at the pictures and profiles of hundreds of them, emailed dozens of their owners and now have visited in person with 5 great possibilities.
The shopping will continue until I find the horse for me and the approval of my friend. I may have already found one, I just need to do more visiting with her, and get to know her so I can be sure.

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