Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Telephone Poles For Sale

I never really know what I'll be doing in a day, like today, learning about treated telephones that my husband wants to sell. These nice telephones poles were going to be used to take power to our back property. That's where they are right now, patiently waiting to be put to good use. We've decided to sell them and eventually put underground utlities back there.
Treated poles have 100's of uses, some are the obvious, power poles for utilities, also fence posts, pole barns and other buildings. I like seeing them used for entrances to homes and ranches. There's one such entrance near-bye that has the ranch name up on it with iron work. I've studied up on treated poles today and found that the telephone company uses them for about 45 years, then replaces them, however, they are thought to be good for 75 years. The ones we are selling are new.

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