Monday, December 12, 2011

Do What You Can Do During the Holidays and Enjoy!

What can you really do during the holidays ... and still enjoy them? Be honest. I usually start off with some grand idea of the holidays, it seems to be one of my personal traditions. The next part of this grandiose tradition is taking a few steps back and looking at my life realstically. Yes, I would like 4 Christmas trees, one in the pool room and 3 in the house, and yes, I've done that before and it looked wonderful and magical. Is that practical and what I want to spend my limited energy on this year, on December 12? Really???
Yesterday after church a nice lady, I would guess about my mother's age, if she was still alive, came quietly up to me. She didn't make a big tadoo about her gift, she handed me a recipe, hand written, with a few mistakes crossed out and corrected, her name signed after FROM THE STUTZ, (which appeared at the top of the page where all the letters got cut 1/2 off in the copying process, but one could still figure out what it said). On the back of the paper was handwritten: TAKEN FROM SPOKANE NEWSPAPER IN EARLY 1960'S AND ADDED & OMITTED SOME INGREDIENT TO SUIT MY TASTE. ENJOY!! Pat Shuler Stutz.
This lady is the same one that came up to me a few months ago when I was setting up my "beautiful" lesson visual aids and said, "Stop fussing, it looks fine."
Oh, the wisdom that some people have and humbly share!
I would have been tempted to make the Classic White Fuitcake for everyone I knew as my gift, instead of preparing a copy in a plastic sheet protector. Maybe Pat was also tempted by a similar grandiose idea, in years past but has learned what she can realistically do and enjoy. She did what she could and was a good example of
Do What You Can Do During The Holidays and Enjoy!

Funny thing here, I didn't have any gifts prepared for anyone at church yet. Pat is done with her gift giving and now can sit back and enjoy the holidays! (While I continue to work on my long list of things TO DO).
Thank you Pat! I really appreciate your amazing example and wisdom!
I'll get there some day!


  1. Time and money have a lot to do with what can be done.

  2. You're right Trisha. Both time & money are big factors.