Saturday, December 24, 2011

Electronic Cards vs. Paper Christmas Cards

Do you have a preference between e-cards and the old fashioned Christmas cards?

These are some of the Christmas cards that are circling my fireplace on a fishing wire. They are part of my holiday traditions.
I've received a lot of Christmas greetings, in electronic form and the old fashioned Christmas cards and letters in the mail.

My cousin Eileen sent me an electronic greeting. It brought a smile to my face.

I used Care 2 website to send cards also. I've learned from this and other "FREE" sites that you have to be careful to "un-check" all boxes that are pre-checked for you requesting their newsletter, political petitions and other constant emails. Other than that, it's free and easy and fun and of course "green" if you don't count the energy to use your computer :-)

Saving time, money and resources is something that one thinks about more and more, and with good reasons.

Do e-cards take the place of the old fashion Christmas cards?

I'm still sending some Christmas cards, I LOVE them. I love sending them and receiving them. I'm also sending some electronic greetings.

If you like receiving e-cards or Christmas cards let me know.

I like receiving any kind of Christmas greeting, keep me on your list!

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